Bihar Assembly Election 2010

Vinay Bihari (Independent) beats Pradip Singh (JD-U) in Lauria constituency.
Ambika Singh of RJD leading from Ramgarh.
Lalan Kumar of BJP leading from Teghra

* JDU+BJP: 190
* RJD+LJP: 36
* Cong: 5
* Others+Left: 12

11:39 AM

JDU-BJP alliance has won 7 seats in Bihar Assembly Election 2010

Prabhat Ranjan Singh JD(U) defeats BSP's Md Kamran in Bagha constituency.
Chandramohan Rai (BJP) beats BSP's Ejaj Hussain in Chanpatia constituency.
BJP Minister Renu Devi beats Congress nominee Madan Mohan Tiwari in Bettiah.
JD(U)'s Manorama Prasad beat Galu Choudhary (CPI) in Nutan.
Bhagirathi Devi (BJP) beats Naresh Ram (Congress) in Ramnagar constituency.

* JDU+BJP: 193
* RJD+LJP: 37
* Cong: 4
* Others+Left: 9

11:28 AM

Nitish Kumar led NDA alliance won in 7 seats

Padam Parag Roy Venu (BJP) leading in Forbesganj constituency.

* JDU+BJP: 191
* RJD+LJP: 38
* Cong: 4
* Others+Left: 10

11:17 AM

Nitish Kumar set to become the Chief Minister of Bihar for the second time.

* JDU+BJP: 189
* RJD+LJP: 39
* Cong: 4
* Others+Left: 10

11:07 AM

"It was a conscious decision to go alone, not a mistake," says Congress.

Raj Kishore Kesri of BJP leading in Purnia
Ramnarayan Mandal (BJP) leading in Banka
Md. Sabbir of the Congress is leading in Harlakhi
Sunil Kumar Pushpam of RJD is leading in Hasanpur
Uday Narayan Chaudhary of JD(U) leading from Imamganj
Nitish Mishra of JD(U) leading in Jhanjharpur

* JDU+BJP: 185
* RJD+LJP: 41
* Cong: 4
* Others+Left: 12

10:58 AM

"Congratulating Bihar for voting for development," BJP leader Arun Jaitley.

RJD leader Lalu Prasad's wife Rabri Devi is trailing in both seats, Sonepur and Raghopur.

Punam Devi of JD(U) leading in Digha
Anant Kumar Singh, JD(U), leading in Mokama

10:44 AM

"It's a rejection of Lalu Prasad, not Congress," says Congress leaders.

Punam Devi of JD(U) leading in Digha
Anant Kumar Singh, JD(U), leading in Mokama
Amrendra Pratap Singh (BJP) leading in Arrah

* JDU+BJP: 175
* RJD+LJP: 46
* Cong: 6
* Others+Left: 14

10:32 AM

Nitish Kumar led NDA alliance took massive lead in Bihar Assembly Polls 2010.

* Janata Dal (United): 94
* Bharatiya Janata Party: 76
* Rashtriya Janata Dal: 33
* Lok Jan Shakti Party: 13
* Indian National Congress: 5
* Left: 4
* Others: 12

10:22 AM

Anant Kumar Satyarthy of JD(U) leading in Munger constituency.

Krishan Kumar of JD(U) leading in Amnour.
Pramod Kumar (BJP) leading in Motihari
Sadhu Yadav (INC) leading in Gopalganj.

10:15 AM

Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) in Bihar has started celebrations for the positive results in Assembly polls.

* JDU+BJP: 159
* RJD+LJP: 46
* Cong: 6
* Others+Left: 16

10:08 AM

"Bihar has tasted the sweetness of development," says BJP

* JDU+BJP: 158
* RJD+LJP: 43
* Cong: 6
* Others+Left: 15
10:03 AM

"We were expecting this and we aren't surprised. Thankful to the people of Bihar who have awarded Nitish Kumar," said a JD(U) leader.

Bhumendra Narayn Singh (BJP) leading in Goriakothi

Rina Devi of LJP leading in Hilsa

Vijay Krishna (RJD) leading in Barh

* JDU+BJP: 134
* RJD+LJP: 35
* Cong: 5
* Others+Left: 13

09:42 AM

Nitish Kumar led NDA alliance took massive lead within an hour of counting.

BJP's Nand Kishore Yadav leading from Patna Sahib constituency.

* Janata Dal (United) 59
* Bharatiya Janata Party 39
* Rashtriya Janata Dal 15
* Lok Jan Shakti Party 9
* Indian National Congress 4
* Left 3
* Others 7

9:36 AM

* JDU+BJP: 95
* RJD+LJP: 23
* Cong: 4
* Others+Left: 10
9:27 AM

Lalu Prasad led RJD alliance is facing huge loss in its home turfs.

* Janata Dal (United) 37
* Bharatiya Janata Party 27
* Rashtriya Janata Dal 9
* Lok Jan Shakti Party 6
* Indian National Congress 5
* Left 2
* Others 7

9:20 AM

Nitish Kumar led NDA alliance continued the leading trend in Bihar Assembly Polls 2010.

Lalu to face a death blow?

Rajkumar Sah of JD(U) leading in Mahishi

* JDU+BJP: 58
* RJD+LJP: 11
* Cong: 5
* Others+Left: 8

09:10 AM

The NDA leading trends continue as the counting in Bihar Assembly Polls 2010 underway.

Nitish Kumar set for a complete sweep?

Cong: 3
Others+Left: 6
8:57 AM

Anirudh Prasad Alias Sadhu Yadav (Cong) leading from Gopalganj constituency.

Cong: 2
Others+Left: 4
8:45 AM

The early trends show NDA alliance leads in some seats

BJP leading in Chanpatia constituency.
8:24 AM

The counting of votes in Bihar Assembly Election 2010 has begun. Early trends will be available within half an hour.
8:05 AM

The counting of votes in Bihar Assembly Election 2010 will begin by 8:00 am on Wednesday. Early trends will be available within one hour of the counting.

The Election Commission (EC) has set up 42 counting centres across the state to count about 30 million votes in the 243 Assembly constituencies.

Officials said the results were expected to be declared by about 2:00 pm.

Bihar election results will be available live online in this page. Stay tuned for the live updates.
7:30 AM

Bihar Election Results 2010

Counting of votes for all the 243 constituencies are taken up today.

Bihar Assembly Election Results will be declared today at 2:00pm.

The results will also determine whether Lalu and his Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) ally Ram Vilas Paswan remain relevant to state and national politics from now on or whether their theme of ‘corruption’ in Nitish’s governance model and ‘complete disregard for the poor’ will hold water.

Election Results updates :

JDU : 69
BJP : 49
RJD : 21
LJP : 10
Cong : 5
Left : 3
Others : 6

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