Nokia E7 Price Features and Specification

Nokia E7 Price in India: Nokia E7 is the latest mbile cming sn. The keybard is the best we can remember using n any Nkia. Finally: a straight-up great Nkia keybard withut any fatal flaws like an ff-center spacebar r a slider that desn't slide far enugh -- it just wrks. It's rubbery with a tn f clickiness, and in ur quick tests, we were able t belt ut verbiage withut errr. Nkia has fficially unveiled three new smartphnes at the nging Nkia Wrld event at Lndn. Nkia E7 Price may be affrdable as increasing cmpetitin in the telecms industry. The new devices include the Nkia E7, Nkia C7 and Nkia C6, which jin the previusly annunced Nkia N8.

The Nkia E7, Nkia C7 and Nkia C6 are all expected to begin shipping befre the end f the year. There is n wrd regarding the pssible launch dates f these phnes in India as f nw. A leaked UK release radmap shwed us that the E7 was cming and it was expected t hit UK stres in Nvember 2010. Nkia has als cnfimed tday that the Nkia E7 will be available in last quarter f 2010.

Nkia E7 Features

Real-time emails with Mail fr Exchange.
Easy access t yur wrk and private email accunts frm the same view.
Create, edit and share ffice dcs and view PDF files with Adbe Reader.
Get fast, secure intranet access with the built-in VPN.
Easily set up yur calendar and sync it with Micrsft utlk.

Apps f0r business, security and travel

vi Maps with free lifetime GPS navigatin and vice guidance.
Keep imprtant data prtected with F-Secure Anti-Theft fr Mbile.
Tell yur phne what t d with Vling, the vice recgnitin app.
Track flights and be ntified f changes with the Wrld Traveler app.
Many apps at vi Stre – business, messaging, entertainment and mre.

Powered by Symbian3

Enjy ver 250 new features frm the Symbian3 perating system.
Persnalise yur hme screen t fit yur needs.
Easier, mre intuitive tuch-screen cntrls.
Multitask withut sacrificing battery life.
Develp yur wn apps with ease.

Nokia E7 Specificatins


Size:123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6 mm
Weight (with battery): 176 g
Vlume: 97.8 cc


Up to three custmisable hme screens:

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